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Friday, July 10, 2009

I recently bought the sims 3 and since then I've been really addicted to it. Nyahahaha. Well I say that I have been a sims fan since the beginning. I even know that I still have teh first game. Anyways, it should be blamed for my inactivity here lol. jke. But I also lost my internet for 3 days :( which really sucked. Having no internet is not cool for a while. Parang torture. LOL.

Kahapon, nagpunta ako sa emerald point Wet n Wild. Wahaha. Mas mahirap palang mag sulat sa tagalog kesa magsalita. I really had fun riding slides and swimming like crazy. As usual I got really tan again but my face is feeling sore. Im praying that its not sunburnt.

Day at work
Friday, July 3, 2009

SparkleI finally worked! wee, I've been waiting for their call for a week. Why? Well I need some money lol. I currently work at abercrombie and I only have a set schedule for 1 day a week and 2 call ins per week. Which means if they dont need me, i'll only work one day a week which happened to me this week. I was hoping I could earn extra money but aargh. Anyways, I say I like to work but actually when I'm there I keep looking at my phone checking the time and wishing I could txt people lol. bad no. haha. But my job gets really boring at times. Here's what I do: I greet people "Heyy what's going on?" when they come the store. I also secretly observe what they mess up, check if they need help or give them a fitting room. Then after they leave I have to refold clothes they mess up and sometimes I have to fold more clothes. Other than that I stand infront of the door and wait for people to come in-- so I can talk-- but pray that they don't mess up too many clothes. And for some reasons, whenever I use to work not many people come to the store but today was a whole new story. It's probably because its a July 4th tomorrow- independence day. Lots of people were miraculously shopping out of nowhere and everything was getting messed up! Too bad for me I had to fix them all after them! The worst part was folding those huge sweat shirts. I mean who wears sweat shirts in the middle of summer? Its friggin 100 F here. But no, lol the first thing people see is those jackets. Anyways. Other than that my job was fun.
XIThen, theres a random kid - he was probably around 16 yrs old. He was randomly hitting up on me lol saying -- "Hi your cute, can I get your number" LoL so I ignored him at first. Then, he still didnt quit lol "heey you!" I was like wtf? So I said - "Can I help you?" Lol and he asked if I had a bf. SO I said yeah. and He walked out the store lol. But then a guy who works at the store asked him Hi can I help you lol and he fought back. Instead of saying "I'm alright" or something along those lines, he said "You faggot kdjfaldf" and other bad things LOL. The guy got mad and he followed him till outside the store. The guy who also works at the store told me that the kid wanted to fight him, but after he talked shit to him, he said the kid just walked away lol. Anyways, thats how my day at work went. After that less people were coming in and less things to do. Until it was finally time for me to go. I was so happy, Thank god I did not have to stay to fix the store. It looked really messy at the clearance section. Wee, I really felt relieve that I did not have to worry about those things.
PeaceTime for me to zzzz soon. Before that though I still have to pack clothes for tomorrow's trip. Going to the lake for July 4th. And guess what I'm going at 6:00 am! Damn I feel so patriotic- *really not* so much. But I have too because my friends wants to get a nice spot. I'm also not so exited except for the fact that I will be with my bhebz :D hehehe. Well my friends have been sort of nakakainis lately. I mean I almost backed up on going and I am still hesitant on going. It's because they keep on changing plans and stuff like that. I hate it. I dont like people who invite you then can't fix the plans right. TSk.. just dont invite me people. JOke I am not mean. I just feel that people should learn to be more responsible at certain situations. If you invite people - they are your responsibility, shouldn't invite them if you dont want to worry about them. TADA. Before my post gets longer and weirder I'm gonna go.
;) Happy 4th of JulyCheer

Game or Maybe Not
Thursday, July 2, 2009

:(Since my boyfriend is a tennis player and most of my friends are one too, I felt the need to learn tennis. This in mind, I asked my bf to teach me this summer. I have been liking it before, but today a different view came in my mind. The idea that I never wanted to think about. I was really frustated because I do not know what I was doing. I was just hitting the ball without any good output, which got the best of me. I do not want to quit but the frustration and thought that I will never get better is sad-- for I really want to play with others hahaha. But right now, when the ball is even controlled and is "spoon feeded" to me, I cannot even return or hit it right. huhuhu.
T_TI know that I'm not so sporty, but that doesn't make a difference in learning a sport. Everyone is not sporty if they don't try. I am a fast learner in everything else except sports.. waaahahaahha. Maybe that is the thing that makes it harder for me. I keep telling myself that I am suppose to be able to hit the ball by now; when i shouldn't. Anyways that's why I'm still kinda cranky. TSK. I feel that I'm obsess with the sport, but when I'm the one playing my nerves get the best of me. But I don't want to quit. But.. LOL. anyways. Maybe another day will be a better one.
;)Anyways, I'm gonna continue watching the championship of Wimbledon. LOL. I hope that Venus or Serena wins! haha go team US rofl.

Real Post
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PeaceAnd another hot summer day passes me by.
It's been quite some time since I ever dealt with html and blog stuff. I have also forgotten how to make buttons and such lovely graphics. Though thanks to the fact that I have nothing else to do, except clean my room -- which i keep on delaying, I can spend most of my time editing and cleaning up layouts and this site. Learning more things about blogging is quite fun. I feel really accomplished today with my blog though a huge part of it is still quite empty. I have 1 linkie lol, and my plugboard is messing me up. I might just manually add those later, since the widget is not working- for right clicking is not allowed and it takes time to type those URLs.
NewsOne of the things that blogging reminded me of was the Philippines. My "kababata" from there also has a blog and her site is the link that provided me bridge to other online bloggers. So most of them lives there which was nice because when I read some of the blogs, it reminded of things that I miss and sadly things that I will never experience. Well, maybe I can experience some when I go visit there but not completely. Philippines is a nice home to be in. Life there is simple. Sometimes when I compare back I see the good part of living in a poorer country. This is because I see now how living there was simpler. Not too complicated and weird. Though it might be the same for anyone who moves to a new place. I say that if only people had jobs and money. Because all the time, nowadays at least, money talks. But the fact that the government is too corrupt makes me quite sad. Thinking of what the country would have been, if not for those leaders, that only think of themselves. But omg pls dont hunt me down Mrs. President. :P



First Layout
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Im coming back from a long hiatus in blogging.
I admit that I have tried this many times in the past but I feel that this time is the right time. I finally really want to blog again and this is for many reasons. My life have been going crazy and boring lately. Its quite contradictory but anyways, its quite a bliss right now.
Wish me luck in building a new blog-site and keeping it up. I really want this, this time.

After a long HIATUS, I declare to be back. Im Back, Back, Back! yay! This is the personal weblog of N I K K I. All the stuff here are my personal opinion. Feel free to comment but no SPAMMING pls. Leave love and come back. No Haters allowed.

Hey, I'm Nikki. 18 yrs old. NC, USA. college bum. laughs a lot. weird. clumsy. funny. not so sporty. likes pinks & greens. quirky. simple. twilight & harry potter fan. GYMaholic. SHOPaholic. and a lover.

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